Package deal

Vacation package:

Paddling to Rönnskär with accommodation

Paddling 2 kayaks of the model SeaBird Expedition LV/HV
Accommodation Hostel at Rönnskär value SEK 400.
Choose between 2-bed rooms or double rooms.
Optional Breakfast package SEK 40 / pers
Lunch box SEK 80 / pers
Dinner box SEK 80 / pers
Price SEK 1,390 incl. VAT


Paddle to the old fishing village on the island of Rönnskär, today a summer paradise that offers sauna, swimming, fishing and an interesting cultural experience.

On the way there, you can choose to paddle through historic Svartsundsrännan which is a channel between the mainland and Skatön nature reserve.

The starting point for paddling is Fiskbäcken with very nice waters to paddle in.

For SEK 300, we offer delivery and collection in the entire municipality of Söderhamn.


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